Total Transit, operating as totalride, provides crucial transportation service for seniors and individuals who meet ADA guidelines and are unable to utilize traditional fixed route transportation. We are pleased to provide these services to give riders increased access and independence within their world.

As the demand for more reliable and cost-conscious ADA transport services grew, our Independent Paratransit Network Program was introduced more than five years ago. This program unlocked the key to utilizing customer focused, high quality on-demand fleets to serve the needs of the ADA community and is able to do so at much lower costs, higher passenger per hour performance, consistently high on-time performance, and stellar customer satisfaction ratings. Total Transit, operating as totalride, is aligning with the needs of the transit industry to introduce more effective innovations to the paratransit industry, improving service quality and customer satisfaction.

Total Transit, operating as totalride, provides various types of paratransit service including door to door, curb to curb, dial-a-ride and non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT). Our drivers can respond, as appropriate, in a traditional vehicle or a wheelchair-accessible van. These drivers are specially trained to provide extra assistance and assurance for a comfortable ride for each passenger.

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